ATTENTION: Daniel Richardson’s workshop on Social attention has been moved from Friday 9-12 to Saturday 16-19 in H135a
Workshop schedule - overview
Wed, Aug 7 Thu, Aug 8 Fri, Aug 9 Sat, Aug 10
Python/Simpson (fd) Eyetracking tech./Pelz R/Kliegl (fd) HCI/Majaranta (fd)
Pupillometry/Laeng (am) Infancy/Kirkham (am) Social/Richardson (am) Analysing/Kingstone (am)
EFRP/Baccino (pm) Ads/Hooge (pm) OpenCV/Haslwanter (pm) Real World/Tatler (pm)
Binocularity/Kapoula (pm)

Download the workshop schedule here: Workshop_Schedule.pdf

fd - full day workshop (9-12,13-16)
am - half day workshop (9-12)
pm - half day workshop (13-16)

Due to space limitation in the table, only the name of one workshop instructor and an abbreviated name of the course are given.

We have planned a mingle session on Saturday 10 August from 16-17 where participants can ask follow-up questions to the teachers. Hope to see you all there!

Notice that the course Analyses of Eye Movements with Linear Mixed Models using R taught by Reinhold Kliegl is offered as a full day course (morning lecture and afternoon exercises) AND a half day course (only morning lecture).