Exhibitors area

Key statistics from the 2011 conference:

620 attendees from around the world
241 abstracts presented
12+ major eye tracker manufacturers exhibited

ECEM 2013 will be held at Lund University, Sweden. This medieval town was founded circa 990 and Lund University, which is the second oldest University in Sweden, was founded in 1666, see www.lunduniversity.lu.se.
The times higher education world university rankings for 2011-2012 place Lund University in the top 100 list in the world. It is placed 45th in the world for Life Sciences and 80th in the world overall;

“Humour, innovation and a humanist perspective join critical
thinking and a concern for the environment as core values for
some 46,000 students and 6,200 staff at Lund. It was founded in
1666 and is now one of the largest Nordic educational and
research institutions.”
The Times Higher Education Report 2012

Lund is a quaint academic town with around 111 000 inhabitants, and roughly a third of the population are students or employees at Lund University. The close proximity to Copenhagen Airport makes this an ideal venue for international conferences. All conference activities including the scientific, exhibition and social programmes, will take place in the historic student union castle, located in Lundagård, at the heart of the campus and town.

The position of the exhibition hall right at the centre of activity for the academic program, and the inclusion of poster sessions and student awards ceremonies in a delegated area in the same room as the exhibition, ensures a constant flow through the area and more interaction between manufacturers and delegates. We welcome all those registered for the conference as exhibitors to attend the entire academic and social program. We also offer many ways to have a strong visual presence at the conference, detailed below. Finally, exhibitors are welcome for the entire duration of the conference, from start to end. We look forward to welcoming you to Lund.


The area reserved for exhibition is a 300m2 open area right inside the main entrance of the historical building that will house all lectures, poster exhibitions, and social events during the conference, see image above. The hall is beside the restaurant serving lunch on the ground floor, there is a coffee bar, bank machine, storage space and outside access directly on to this room. Windows with heavy curtains surround the hall. Internet access and furniture for the exhibition is supplied and included in the price. Student competitions and exhibitions of student applications will be in the same room, as will a portion of the poster exhibition, ensuring a constant flow of delegates through the area. The conference website includes space for delegates to assess and vote for best student, and if wished, manufacturer exhibits. Participating exhibitors can access the results, which rate their exhibition on a number of key areas relevant to eye-movements research.

Key Contacts:

Conference venue: AF Borgen, Lund, Sweden

Organising committee

Conference Chairs: Kenneth Holmqvist and Arantxa Villanueva
Conference Organiser: Fiona Mulvey
Scientific Board: Halszka Jarodzka, Ignace Hooge, Rudolf Groner and Päivi Majaranta
Exhibition Chairs: John Paulin Hansen and Richard Andersson
Method Workshop Organisers: Marcus Nyström and Dan Witzner Hansen.
Web Masters: Nils Holmberg and Detlev Droege
Proceedings Editors: Roger Johansson and Richard Dewhurst
Registration Managers: Kerstin Gidlöf and Linnéa Larsson
Student Volunteer Managers: Linnéa Larsson, Richard Dewhurst and Kerstin Gidlöf
Social Program Organisers: Richard Andersson, Jana Holsanova and Kerstin Gidlöf

organized by

Humanities Lab     COGAIN