Early Registration extended due to issues with PayPal

Several people have reported problems using paypal to pay their registration fee. We have contacted paypal but we have little control over their system or it's functioning. In almost all cases the following advise from our webmaster has worked:

- log out from PayPal
- clear your web browsers cookies
- clear your web browsers history
- (possibly then restart your web browser)
- ... and then try again.
- make sure that cookies are enabled in your browser while performing the payment in PayPal.
- Turning on JavaScript as well might help too if you turned it off.

PayPal charges about 5% on every payment made. Wiring your registration fee does not impose any charge. If you selected paypal, we can change that selection to wire transfer if you contact us. Due to these issues, we are extending the early registration deadline one week. Apologies for any inconvenience.

ECEM Management.