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ECEM 2013

Supporting knowledge transfer in basic and applied eye movements research, eye tracking technology and gaze based communication.

ECEM 2013 is the 17th European Conference on Eye Movements, with the original aims ‘to exchange information on current research, equipment and software’ remaining at the forefront. ECEM is transdisciplinary, promoting new approaches, co-operation between research fields and communication between researchers. It has grown from it’s origins as a small, specialist conference to a large international event, covering all aspects of basic and applied research using eye movements, see information from previous conferences in the archive.

Today, ECEM is the largest conference on eye movements in the world, based on number of submissions. In keeping with the tradition of supporting young researchers and promoting new research, ECEM 2013 will include methods courses for all interested delegates on several aspects of eye movements research and applications in the days prior to the conference, see method workshops. These workshops are led by top international experts and provide a forum for other researchers to develop their skills and discuss their research ideas with experienced scientists, engineers and practitioners.

Panel discussions during the conference will provide a forum for communication between researchers, manufacturers and interface designers on new and emerging themes in eye movements research and technology, the program will be available here: program. The exhibition includes top eye tracker manufacturers see: exhibition. Part of the exhibition space is dedicated to eye controlled games and entertainment applications provide both hands on experience with applied eye tracking and a fun social activity demonstrating emerging technologies.

ECEM 2013 brings together neurophysiologists, psychologists, neuropsychologists, clinicians, linguists, computational and applied scientists, engineers and manufacturers interested in the movements of the eyes, with an emphasis on learning from each other and promoting development of the field. This year, ECEM is hosted by the Eye Tracking Group at Lund University, Sweden, and organised by the Eye Movement Researcher's Association (EMRA) and the COGAIN (communication through gaze interaction) association, to promote interdisciplinary, basic and applied research excellence. We look forward to welcoming you to Lund.

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